Best Tennis Courts in Preston, Brighton, and Hove

Tennis is one of the most played and recognized sports Present day, that requires virtuous skills and strength to fix your win. Tennis is doing good currently from court to court. The tennis leagues consistently garner big mobs from Grand slams to ATP tours. 

The entire world is dignified if a player like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal performs a backhand on the court or a terrific smash on the lawn.

Tennis courts play a vital role while playing or learning tennis. So, let’s extensively explore tennis courts’ qualities that will improve your game, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. 

Tennis courts can be found on various surfaces, and depending on your playing style, they can benefit your game. So, first, you need to figure out your playing style and discern which tennis court will suit to advantage your play in the next Tennis match. If you are living in Preston, Brighton or Hove, Preston Park Tennis court will be an excellent option.

Let’s explore some of the most extraordinary tennis courts from around the globe.

  • Il San Pietro, Positano, Italy

The tennis courts are built to experience the royalty offered by the hotel Il San Pietro. There is no better hotel to stay in as a royal guest if you are travelling during summer on the Mediterranean yacht; a Positano stop is a requisite. 

Your main priorities should be dining with royalty, lounging around its crescent pool and cruising the turquoise. As a tennis lover, never miss its beautiful tennis court, the cinematic views next to it and towering rock formations. Vist to learn more.

  • Tennis de la Cavalerie, Paris, France

This Tennis beauty is in the Bois de Boulogne grouds, just a few miles away from Roland Garros and in the 15th arrondissement, La Cavalerie is the only tennis court.

The ceiling structure is made of 1,400 pieces of wood arranged in a series, so gorgeous that it will make you fall in love with tennis even if you don’t like it. The wood pieces are arranged in a diamond shape from wall to ceiling.

 Visit to know more.

  • Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona USA

You’re taking a risk if you are challenging your opponent in tennis at Enchantment resort in Sedona because while playing here, it will be hard to concentrate on the ball. 

Not because you will be nervous in front of him, but because the court is covered with red sandstone formations in such a beautiful manner. And your dangerous game will still be an issue. Visit to get information on how to book a court.